Digital Image Correlation

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Technical Paper:-“Digital Image Correlation For Earth Quake Engineering Applications”.The Paper was presented by G.Abhishek – Pyrodynamics at 16 SEE – “International Symposium On Earth Quake Engineering” Organised by IIT Roorkee.

Technical Paper:-Performance of biocompatible PEEK processed by fused deposition additive manufacturing by M.F. Arif,S. Kumar,K.M. Varadarajan,W.J. Cantwell – Masdar Institute of Technology – Abu Dhabi.

Technical Paper:-Compliance Tailoring of Adhesive Interfaces via 3D Printing – Dr.S.Kumar – Masdar Institute of Technology – Abu Dhabi.

Technical Paper:-Tunable morphology and its influence on electrical, thermal and mechanical properties of carbon nanostructure-Buckypaper.

Pyrodynamics Technical Note:-Strain Measurement on a Specimen with Random Holes.

Technical Paper:- Progress in the Development and Application of Digital Image Correlation Methods in Experimental Mechanics: Past, Present and a Glimpse of the Future By Dr.Michael A Sutton.

Technical Paper:- Volumetric Deformation Measurements with Vic-Volume By Dr.Hubert W. Schreier.

Technical Paper:- The Rise of the Experimentalist: A Paradigm Shift in Progress By Dr.Michael A Sutton.

Technical Paper:- Buckling And Post-Buckling Behaviour of Thin Composite Panels.

Technical Paper:- Strain Measurement using Digital Image Correlation(DIC) During Orthogonal Cutting of Idealized CFRP plates.

Pyrodynamics Technical Note:-Fracture Process Zones in Concrete Structures.

Pyrodynamics Technical Note:-High Speed DIC.

Pyrodynamics Technical Note:-Validation of DIC Measurements.

Technical Paper:- Evaluation of kissing bond in composite adhesive lap joints using digital image correlation: Preliminary studies


Technical Paper:- The effect of some Yoga postures on the strain field in the Trapezius muscle of a patient suffering from Cervical Spondylosis


Technical Paper:- Post-processing of Digital Image Correlation Results to Obtain Photoelastic Fringe Contours


Pyrodynamics Technical Note:- Strain Measurement On a Composite Specimen During Machining


Movies of 3D, DIC Measurements:- (Adobe Flash Player Movie file)(Right click to download file)

Technical Paper:-Experimental Investigation of Repaired CFRP Laminates

using 3D-DIC


Technical Paper: Experimental Validation Of A Finite Element Of The Composite Pelvis Using Digital Image Correlation  Dr Rajesh Ghosh, , Dr Sanjay Gupta, – IIT – Kharagpur.


Technical Paper:- Approaches and Methods of Evaluation for Composite Materials:Current Trends and the Future


Technical Paper: Fatigue Crack Growth Monitoring in Ti-6Al-4V Alloy UsingAcoustic Emission Technique and Digital Image Correlation – Prof.C.R.L.Murthy – IISC Bangalore.


Technical Paper:- An Analysis Of Leg Muscle Stretch Using Digital Image Correlation – S.N.Omkar,S.Raviprakash,S.Vishwas And Kiran.P.Kulkarni.


Technical Paper:- Determination Of Stress Intensity Factor For Cracks In Orthotropic Composite Materials Using Digital Image Correlation – Dr.P.Venkitanarayanan – Indian Institute Of Technology – Kanpur.


Technical Paper: Evaluation of Stress Intensity Factor For Cracks In Graded Materials Using Digital Image Correlation – Dr.P.Venkitanarayanan – Indian Institute Of Technology – Kanpur.