About us

Pyrodynamics was started in 1995 and started operations By Marketing Products of Overseas Companies.

The key focus was on Experimental Stress Analysis and Experimental Mechanics.

Since 2004, Pyrodynamics took up Design and Development Of Signal Conditioner Amplifiers And Display (SCAD).

SCAD 400 Strain Measurement System was the first Product Designed and Manufactured by Pyrodynamics. The SCAD 400 incorporated an imported Signal Conditioner Card.

Based on the expertise and experience we obtained from SCAD 400, we were able to design and manufacture:-

SCAD 508 Strain Measurement System.

SCAD 500 Strain Measurement System.

SCAD 500 L Displacement Measurement Systems.

These are World Class Systems and have end users all over India, Europe and U.S.A.

SCAD Systems incorporates our own design of Strain Gage Signal Conditioner Amplifier.

The SCAD Systems has found application for Material Testing, Strain Measurement, Creep Testing, Fatigue Analysis, Impact Measurements, Wind Tunnel Load Measurements and also has worked under very hostile environments like onboard a cargo Ship, Strain Measurement on Civil Engineering Structures ..etc.

To keep up with the pace of Modern Technologies, Pyrodynamics is actively pursuing interests in the Fields of Optical Techniques of Deformation Measurement .

Pyrodynamics has tie ups with leading companies in the World in this Field viz:- Correlated Solutions Inc U.S.A. and  isi-sys GmbH – Germany